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Whole Numbers and Cardinal Numbers: 10 to 99

Numbers from 11 through 19 are:

11 eleven

   YellowGreen Box   Sienna Box   Olive Box   Aqua Box   Lavender Box   Blue Box   DarkMagenta Box   MediumSlateBlue Box   MediumSpringGreen Box   BurlyWood Box   Tan Box

12 twelve

   Tan Box   SlateBlue Box   Navy Box   Turquoise Box   RoyalBlue Box   Empty Box   MediumVioletRed Box   RosyBrown Box   Goldenrod Box   Magenta Box   Khaki Box   MediumTurquoise Box

13 thirteen

   MediumTurquoise Box   MediumOrchid Box   SpringGreen Box   DarkBlue Box   MidnightBlue Box   DarkTurquoise Box   ForestGreen Box   CadetBlue Box   BlueViolet Box   SteelBlue Box   GreenYellow Box   Maroon Box   DarkGreen Box

14 fourteen

   DarkGreen Box   Violet Box   LimeGreen Box   MediumPurple Box   DodgerBlue Box   Fuchsia Box   Peru Box   DarkKhaki Box   Aquamarine Box   CornflowerBlue Box   SandyBrown Box   MediumBlue Box   Chocolate Box   SeaGreen Box

15 fifteen

   DarkOliveGreen Box   DarkOrange Box   MediumAquamarine Box   Purple Box   Cyan Box   DarkCyan Box   DeepPink Box   DarkSeaGreen Box   Teal Box   SkyBlue Box   PowderBlue Box   OliveDrab Box   SaddleBrown Box   HotPink Box   Indigo Box

16 sixteen

   Gold Box   DarkSlateBlue Box   LawnGreen Box   Yellow Box   Chartreuse Box   DeepSkyBlue Box   DarkOrchid Box   MediumSeaGreen Box   Thistle Box   Green Box   Pink Box   Wheat Box   Brown Box   Brown Box   Brown Box   Brown Box

17 seventeen

   DarkCyan Box   DarkSeaGreen Box   Turquoise Box   Empty Box   Navy Box   BlueViolet Box   DarkMagenta Box   MediumAquamarine Box   Indigo Box   MediumPurple Box   SteelBlue Box   DarkGreen Box   SpringGreen Box   Teal Box   Maroon Box   Tan Box   CornflowerBlue Box

18 eighteen

   MediumSlateBlue Box   LimeGreen Box   DarkSlateBlue Box   DarkViolet Box   DarkOrange Box   DarkGoldenrod Box   Violet Box   Olive Box   RosyBrown Box   ForestGreen Box   Yellow Box   DarkTurquoise Box   Fuchsia Box   SkyBlue Box   DarkBlue Box   Sienna Box   DarkKhaki Box   MediumBlue Box

19 nineteen

   DarkKhaki Box   MediumBlue Box   HotPink Box   MediumSpringGreen Box   Plum Box   Coral Box   Khaki Box   SaddleBrown Box   MediumTurquoise Box   Thistle Box   Brown Box   DodgerBlue Box   GreenYellow Box   MediumOrchid Box   Blue Box   Lavender Box   SandyBrown Box   RoyalBlue Box   Wheat Box

Numbers from 20 through 29 are:

20 twenty

   Chocolate Box   SeaGreen Box   Aquamarine Box   Pink Box   CadetBlue Box   BurlyWood Box   Gold Box   Purple Box   MediumSeaGreen Box   DarkOrchid Box   DeepSkyBlue Box   YellowGreen Box   Cyan Box   SlateBlue Box   Orchid Box   DarkOliveGreen Box   MidnightBlue Box   OliveDrab Box   Goldenrod Box   Magenta Box

21 twenty-one
22 twenty-two
23 twenty-three
24 twenty-four
25 twenty-five
26 twenty-six
27 twenty-seven
28 twenty-eight
29 twenty-nine

Numbers from 30 through 90, counting by tens, are:

30 thirty
40 forty
50 fifty
60 sixty
70 seventy
80 eighty
90 ninety

We note that four is written with a u but forty is written without a u.

We write 31 as thirty-one. We write 85 as eighty-five.

Two-digit numbers are called tens.

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