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Whole Numbers and Cardinal Numbers: Introduction

In this unit Whole Numbers and Cardinal Numbers, we will look at numbers - whole numbers - from zero to one million: what these numbers are and how to write them.

When we write - in English or another language - a whole number that tells us how many of something that we have, the number is called a cardinal number. For example, 0 is a whole number and the word zero is a cardinal number.

Whole Numbers and Cardinal Numbers: 0 to 9

0 Zero

Zero is nothing. Other words for zero include nil, naught, and nought. There are also many slang words for zero - too many to list here.

1 one

   SaddleBrown Box

2 two

   Yellow Box   MediumSpringGreen Box

3 three

   MediumSlateBlue Box   Cyan Box   ForestGreen Box

4 four

   Violet Box   LimeGreen Box   CornflowerBlue Box   Goldenrod Box

5 five

   DarkOrchid Box   MediumBlue Box   GreenYellow Box   DarkViolet Box   Orchid Box

6 six

   BurlyWood Box   Khaki Box   CadetBlue Box   Brown Box   Teal Box   PowderBlue Box

7 seven

   Peru Box   MidnightBlue Box   SlateBlue Box   HotPink Box   MediumSeaGreen Box   DarkSlateBlue Box   DarkSeaGreen Box

8 eight

   DeepSkyBlue Box   DarkBlue Box   Gold Box   Aqua Box   Pink Box   Maroon Box   Indigo Box   DarkGreen Box

9 nine

   Tan Box   DarkKhaki Box   Plum Box   DodgerBlue Box   LawnGreen Box   MediumVioletRed Box   Fuchsia Box   Sienna Box   DarkMagenta Box

Single-digit numbers are called units.

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